Robotic Air Duct Cleaning Equipments

robotic air duct
cleaning equipments

The BioVac robotic duct cleaning system is an indispensable tool for anyone who want to inspect, clean and spray commercial, industrial and residential ventilation systems.

It is designed to improve the quality of cleaning ventilation ducts by removing the dirt, debris and other contaminants air washing alone leaves behind. All the components in the BioVac robotic duct cleaning system have been field tested and fine tuned to maximize your productivity and cleaning quality. Our duct cleaning robots are proven to greatly aid the air purification process.

Mechanically operated brushes designed to loosen and move debris adhered to interior HVAC surfaces.

Desert Storm

Automated inspection, cleaning and spraying. Powerful equipment with advanced technology and multiple functions.

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Inspection, cleaning and disinfection system. Small, powerful and robust.

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The true multi-tasking robot: Wolverine

99.9% of all our robots are still working today after 16 years!

Lance d’assainissement et de vaporisation-02
  • Rotary Air-Less spraying system adjustable speed for coating, sanitizing from 12" to 36" diameter
  • Computer control
  • System with wifi hand
  • Remote controller
  • Protection of insulated duct work
  • Removable soft wheels for protection of insulated duct work
  • Removable wheel base support for cleaning duct work up to 36"
Lance d’assainissement et de vaporisation
  • Spraying, Cleaning, Inspecting
  • Rizing platform from 12" to 24" high
  • Removable wheel base support for cleaning duct work up to 36"

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