BVS ELITE 3 Air-Scrubber and Dust Collector


The indispensable air scrubber and dust collector

The BVS ELITE 3 is ideal for the following work (ideal Filter Combination A, B or C):

  • Duct Cleaning (A)
  • Mould abatement (A or B)
  • Asbestos abatement (A)
  • Construction sites, which requires special air filtration (A, B or C)
  • Fire restoration (A)
  • Anthrax and viruses (B or C)
  • Odor neutralization (B or C)

Unique variable speed technology : Tested and sold since the last 5 years

  • Now you need just one Neg Air Machine for every kind of job! from 0 CFM to 3,000 CFM
  • Maximize efficiency of filters by adjusting motor speed.
  • Adjustable air flow as to not surpass filter capacity.
  • D.O.P tested

Just plug and play

120 -115 - 220 50 hz or 60 hz

Patent UV system

  • The first and the only negative air scrubber and dust collector with ultraviolet capabilities.
  • Ultraviolet sterilizes airborne microbial contaminants and neutralizes odours.
  • Slow start from 0 to 3,000 CFM which will prevent from over loading the breakers.

Maximum Efficiency: the only Negative Air Machine with a non over loading fan. Machine maintains it’s pull power even if filters become clogged by dust and other debris.
Dimension: 24" width x 30" height x 45" length
Modular: 2 sections
Section: 2 sections of 24" width x 24" length x 22.5" depth
Weight: 130 lbs with filters
CFM: from 0 to 3,000 Cubic Feet per Minute
Motor: 1.5 HP with variable speed
Pressure gage
Ultraviolet system
Filter 95% + pre filter
HEPA FILTER certified 2,000 CFM
Pocket bags:
Extension of 50' (12 gage)
Flexible 14" and 12" diameter:
8 caster wheels
Air Flow: 0 to 3,000 CFM with 2" up to 4" static pressure
Removable cover
120-115-220 50 hz or 60 hz - just plug and play



BVS Elite 3 Dust Collector
BVS Elite 3 Dust Collector


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