Robot Wolverine



The true basics for the inspection and cleaning duct work with a robot are:

A - We have been building technically superior robots for the duct cleaning industry for over 15 years. Our skilled technicians build every robot in our warehouse from conception to finished product.

Unique Control system

  • Integrated laptop for control recording and editing
  • Simple to use plug and play


B - Sealed cameras cassing with easy-to-clean protective glass.Two colour cameras mounted on both the front and rear of the Wolverine Robot for both forward and backward viewing and video recording.

A clean crisp image allows you to easily distinguish debris such as typical dust, plaster dust or fungi

Biovac Wolverine Robot Biovac Wolverine Robot Biovac Wolverine Robot

Front Colour Camera with 520 lines of resolution

A varifocal wide angle lens which produces crisp clean images Low lux cameras that do not need a substantial amount of light 2 adjustable 20 watt halogen lights which allow the cameras to pick up clear images.

Camera Positioning

Cameras are positioned closer to the middle of the duct work, instead of directly on the ducts, which produces a better peripheral view.
The higher position prevents the cameras from hitting obstacles, which prevents them from constantly needing to be cleaned.

Rear Camera with 420 lines of resolution

Low lux cameras that do not need a substantial amount of light LED lighting used.


The frame of the Wolverine Robot is made out of steel and aluminum. All sensitive components are well protected.
The front camera lens is protected by U bolts.


The Wolverine Robot is multipurpose: It is the ideal instrument for inspection, cleaning and decontamination.
Tools can easily be added or removed.
All tools can be used with or without the Wolverine

Weight equals traction

The Wolverine is heavy at 11 lbs and comes with added weights which allow you to increase the robot’s weight up to 18 lbs allowing for superior traction when cleaning tools are in use. It is possible to add up to 60 lbs on the robot without any risk. Added traction assists the Wolverine in being able to go up to 100 feet inside the duct work.

Shock resistant design

The ingenuity of our patented shock resistant design makes the Wolverine one of the most durable and tough robots on the market.

180° Turning capability

The Wolverine is able to make a 180° directional turn from a stationary position which allows it to easily navigate abrupt turns and corners.

Variable speed from 0 to 30 feet per minute

You are able to adjust the Wolverine’s speed from 0 to 30 feet/minute. This allows you to control the speed you use for cleaning and is still able to move fast enough to be perfect for all inspections.

Superior traction control

The superior tracks on the Wolverine grip all surface areas even when there is substantial dust and grease.

Drive device: Dual track drive
Dimensions: 7 1/16’’ (12.9 cm) H x
6’’ (15.2 cm) W x 7’’ (17.8 cm) L
Variable speeds: 30 feet/min.
(9.2 m/min.) maximum
Cable lenth: 100 ft (30.5 m). Cable is shock,
cut and tear resistant. 1 per kit.

Removable connection on robot

Voltage: 110V / 60 Hz or 220/50hz
Weight: 15 lbs (6.8 kg), option to add weight
up to 40 lbs (18.2 kg)
Tracks: 2 regular smooth tracks and 2 super grip tracks. 2 sets of tracks per kit.
Cable protector: Cable roller. 1 per kit.
Lights: 20 watt halogen lights with dimmer.
2 per kit.
Forward Camera lens: Colour. 6 mm electronic auto iris 520 lines of resolution (NTSC or Pal).Allows you to view 3 feet width, 3 feet depth and 6 feet high. 1 per kit.
Back camera lens: Colour. 420 lines of resolution (NTSC or Pal). 1 per kit.
Laptop LCD 15’’ color flat screen: 1 per kit.
Recording: Laptop can record on your choice of USB Key or Hard Disk. 1 per kit.


Laptop: 1 per kit.
Casings: One casing for the robot and cable and one casing for the laptop.
2 per kit.
KIT ALSO INCLUDES: Cable for vertical inspection, whip system and air wash system Manual up and down system for different tools Operation Manual

Specification Guide
Optional: automated up and down system

Cable won’t get caught

The Wolverine’s cable is soft but rigid enough so that is will not get caught on the metal screws inside the duct work.
Repair is easy, inexpensive and fast.
In the eventuality that the Wolverine may need repairs, the repairs are straightforward and simple.


Track Record

The Wolverine has a proven track record of performance, reliability and customer satisfaction


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