Inspection Equipments

We sell and service, equipment and accessories including lighting and video systems for a wide variety of visual inspection applications.



Autonomy, Flexibility, Clarity

50' or 100' feet of autonomy
Tube Roller with integrated swivel

Color cameras
Resolution: 380 Lines
2" diameter
Monitor: 13" color Video/VHS
Application: Duct Cleaning, and Chimney Sweeping.

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We offers (3) Standard kits that include an Achromatic Rigid Borescope, 5' light guide cable , 100 watt light source, 110 VAC power adapter

All delivered in a die cut foam padded hard shell plastic instrument case.

The case has room to store optional items purchased separately such as mirror tubes, handheld illuminator, video adapters, etc.

P/N RBP-1- 9" Scope Kit
P/N RBP-2- 16" Scope Kit
P/N RBP-2- 22" Scope Kit

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Canadian company specialized in air quality testing, cleaning and decontamination. Manufacturer of robotic duct cleaning equipments, tools and accessories for ventilation systems and inspection. 


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