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Compress-pack "New system"  ●  Two stage air compressors  ●  25 Gal. Vertical, Portable Air Compressor  ●  Zone bags  ●  Filter / Regulator / Lubricator - 1/4"  ●  Red Rubber Air Hose  ●  Clear and Reinforced  ●  Air Fitting  ●  Extension Tip For Blow Guns  ●  Air Blow Gun  ●  Oil Tool


Compress-pack "New system"
Two (2) compressors - wheel barrow type, 115 volts, 15 AMP with protection frame, 1.5 HP, 6.2 CFM, 125 PSI, 1 cylinder cast iron, 2 pistons, 8 gal.

Package includes

(4) 50' supply hose 1/2" diam. with attachments, Clear hose 1/4" diam. and 33' long. for reverse Blowing Ball reinforced hose for reverse Blowing Ball with wire 25' long.

Airgun, Whip Head, 12" air extension nozzle. reverse and forward Blowing Ball

80 gallon vertical tank, with 2 air input and 2 air output with quick connection, inflated wheels, stair climbers, dolly with handles to be able to lift the tank inside the van ( the tank fits vertically inside the van clearance 52" oblique 54")

Air Compressors

A complete line single and two stage air compressors 

Vertical, Portable Air Compressor

25 Gal. Vertical, Portable Air Compressor
This 25-gallon vertical air compressor is a real performer with a high-pressure design that allows more usable air to be stored in the tank. It's like being able to fit 60-gallons of air in a 25-gallon tank, giving you a longer time between refills, you'll get more done. The powerful induction motor and high-pressure pump deliver 5.6 scfm at 40 psi and 5.1 scfm at 90 psi. A higher flow regulator starts the pump at 145 psi and stops it at 175 psi for more pressure and airflow. Cast-iron cylinder sleeves and twin cylinders provide long-lasting durability and trouble-free use while the oil-free design allows operation on slopes and angles. Five-year limited warranty. Includes compressor with high-flow, high-pressure regulator and gauge, 1/4-inch quick coupler, and operator's manual.

Zone Bags

Zone bags
ZONE BAG with tube for ductwork, construction : 2 ply canvas, inner balloon, rubberized bladder.

Dimensions available:

  • 48" with tube for 47" diameter: Min. 30"
  • 36" with tube for 36" diameter: Min. 21"
  • 26" with tube for 24" diameter: Min. 12"
  • 18" with tube for 18" diameter: Min. 8"


Filter / Regulator / Lubricator - 1/4"

These units mount at your compressor, giving you full pressure control, as well as constant line lubrication and freedom from tool-damaging water buildup. Gauge packaged loose for installation on either side.

Red Rubber Air Hose

Red Rubber Air Hose 

Clear and Reinforced

Clear and Reinforced 

Air Fitting

Air FittingEasily connect your air tools with this all-in-one 1/4" NPT industrial quality kit. Includes one male connector, one female connector, one brass female coupler and one air hose connector.

Extension Tip For Blow Guns

Extension Tip For Blow GunsExtend the reach of your blow gun with this safety extension tip.

Air Blow Gun

Air Blow GunKeep one of these 1/4" NPT air blow guns around for quick clean-up chores.

Oil Tool

Oil ToolThis lubricant offers outstanding heat displacement and friction reduction without eating away at O-rings and other rubber components like detergent motor oils.


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