BioCube Elite 1

Model description :
33’’ Width 6’ Length
Telescopic pole adjustable up to 12’ or 14’ feet height
Floor made of non-slip aluminum with 8 built-in wheels
Hermetic, stain-resistant and washable canvas
Compressed air Intake, vacuum outlet and electrical Outlet indoor and outdoor
Includes 600 CFM air purifier to keep negative pressure in enclosure


BioCube™ Elite 1

This equipment is essential for optimal prevention of cross contamination of contaminated dust (molds or other) or non-contaminated dust.

The BioCube Elite 1 also prevents nosocomial infections during construction or maintenance work. This innovative equipment is a portable work tool that adequately insulates and protects the exterior environment from dust and contaminants displaced in the air during inspections or maintenance work.

The BioCube Elite 1 is made of sturdy fabric and mounted on a mobile platform. A powerful air purifier with HEPA or specialized UV system is integrated to create negative air pressure inside the cube. Fully removable, it can be adjusted to the desired height. 


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