HEPA filters - air purification equipment

When extra clean air is required, HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filters should be used. They are made of microfibre with aluminum separators and retain particles 0.3 micron in size. HEPA filters are used in pharmaceutical laboratories, hospitals, manufacturing plants, printing plants, office buildings, etc. Using this type of filter is necessary for the air purification process to be optimal. Our team of specialists are available to help you select the appropriate HEPA filter for your air purification system.

Airo-Flow air filter


These disposable air filters are available in a variety of standard and non standard sizes and in thicknesses of 1/2'', 1'' and 2''.
All Poly Plus filters are UL and ULC approved and meet Class 2 criteria. Suggested maximum operating temperature: 92°C (200°F).

HEPA filter


This high efficiency particulate air filter retains particles up to 0.3 microns. It is offered with a metal or wood frame, with or without a 3/4" border. Available in three efficiency levels: 95% D.O.P., 99.97% and 99.999%.

The HEPA filter is commonly used in hospitals, pharmaceutical labs and other similar locations.

MEGA-PACK air filter


This air filter is made of ultra fine fiberglass, pleated with a continuous line of glue, which makes it a very tightly pleated filter. This medium to high efficiency filter presents very little pressure loss, which makes it the most compact of its class, with an efficiency of 60% to 98%.

Available in three thickness: 1", 2" and 4".

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