For solutions in the event of water infiltration and for clean-up after the disaster call Biovac


Water infiltration: major damage

Water infiltrations often cause significant damage that must be repaired immediately. Water infiltrations due to floods, sewer back-up and burst pipes don’t just affect the building; they also affect the health and well being of the occupants.

At BioVac System Inc., we offer complete and rapid specialized services in case of water infiltration:

  • Evaluation of damage caused by the water
  • Post-disaster clean-up

Water infiltration? A thorough assessment of the damage caused by the water is necessary

When you use our specialized services, our building inspector comes to you in order to assess the damage caused by the water infiltration. The evaluation of water damage includes specialized techniques such as the overall assessment of the building, analysis of the humidity level, thermal imaging, indoor air quality sampling and management of the corrective actions to be carried out.

Our services are particularly suitable in situations that require accurate and complete documentation such as insurance claims and restoration of the building.

Professional clean-up after the disaster to prevent contamination

BioVac System Inc.’s expert disaster clean-up technicians offer you an impeccable service following a water infiltration in your building. In order to prevent the growth of mould and fungi, and to quickly regain the use of your building and property after the flood, it is essential to dry the site and your belongings and then proceed with disaster clean-up. Our response team has the expertise to perform a thorough and effective cleaning of the premises.

Our disaster cleaning service is appropriate for all types of flooding:

  • clean water (snow, reservoir leak, etc.)
  • wastewater (back up of sewers or septic systems, etc.)

If you have water infiltration, BioVac System Inc. has solutions

When water infiltrates your building, call our professionals without delay! The experts at BioVac System Inc. will know how to evaluate the damage caused by the water and how to clean-up after the disaster in order to reduce the risks of contamination and to recover your property.

Because we know water damage!

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