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A high humidity level in a house or building is a source of problems that should not be ignored

  • Do you see condensation on your windows?
  • Do you find mould in your bathroom?
  • Do you notice the smell of mildew in your basement or in certain rooms? Or does your basement seem damp?
  • Do you find black spots (mould) at the bottom of some walls?
  • Is the paint blistering or wallpaper peeling in some places?
  • Do you find whitish mushrooms on wood?

These are signs that clearly indicate that a home has a high humidity level. Whether the humidity is detected in the basement, in the bathroom or on the walls, too much moisture in a home or building can cause serious damage, both to the integrity of the building and to the health of the occupants. Excessive moisture in a building not only makes the space uncomfortable for the occupants, it’s unhealthy.

Tests for humidity are needed in order to determine the extent of the problem and rapidly put in place effective and sustainable solutions before the situation deteriorates.

At BioVac System Inc., our expert humidity testing technicians perform humidity tests. These tests are important tools for detecting water infiltrations that can cause damage to the building. With the help of advanced equipment, we can detect anomalies on almost all types of building material, which enables us to determine where the problem really lies.


Count on BioVac System Inc. to clean and remove all traces of mould

The appearance of mould is not something that should be taken lightly. BioVac System Inc. is renowned in the field of “mycology.” Our mould experts offer effective services in mould testing and monitoring in homes and buildings.

Mould is insidious and often develops on the walls, and even in the walls. Mould contaminates the surrounding air, and it is essential to clean and remove all traces of mould on the walls and anywhere else it occurs. We must also eliminate the sources of moisture in the house, which are the cause of the growth of fungi in the house.

Whether the moisture is concentrated in your bathroom, in your basement or on your walls, the technicians at BioVac System Inc. have the expertise and the equipment to get rid of it.

The end of mildew! We have solutions tailored to your needs

At BioVac System Inc., we are experts in building mycology. We handle structural and environmental problems caused by fungi and mould.


Once we complete humidity testing to identify the source of mould in the home or building, we will propose effective solutions to prevent the problem from recurring. *

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* Building mycology is an emerging field that extends well beyond testing for mould and requires training at the university level in disciplines such as environmental sciences, physiology of fungi, wood decay, bio-degradation, and medical mycology. BioVac System Inc. is one of the few companies with these capabilities. From on-site investigations to expert witnesses, we offer unparalleled experience and technical expertise.

Biovac System Inc. is pleased to announce the opening of its office in Toronto.
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