Safe and effective detection and removal of asbestos in Montreal


The dangers of asbestos, a toxic product that should be eliminated from your environment

Although today it is recognized that asbestos is highly toxic, it was used in building construction and the manufacture of certain household appliances up until 1997, when its use was banned outright. The inhalation of asbestos fibres in a house or other building can cause serious lung disorders.

In order to detect the presence of asbestos in a house or other structure, experts must perform a series of asbestos tests. Asbestos can be found in different forms and even in objects that may surprise you.


If asbestos is detected, BioVac System Inc. will take care of the asbestos removal

If asbestos testing reveals the presence of asbestos, BioVac System Inc. has the expertise and the equipment to safely remove the materials containing asbestos from homes and buildings.

  1. Asbestos testing to precisely identify all sources – Our experts perform asbestos tests in homes and building to accurately identify the contaminated areas that need to be treated.
  2. Implementation of a work plan and safety precautions for asbestos removal – If asbestos is detected our experts will first establish a management plan for the work to be done safely in the presence of asbestos. Management of the risks associated with asbestos is key at this stage, because the asbestos fibres are highly volatile. The asbestos removal must be carried out using extreme caution.
  3. Carrying out the decontamination – The experts manage the decontamination and removal of the asbestos in accordance with safe and rigorous protocols using the most advanced equipment. This allows them to do outstanding work in decontamination.


BioVac Inc.: Safe and effective decontamination solutions for your asbestos problems

If asbestos is detected, call on our experts because health comes first. Our specialized team will have the right solution for effective asbestos removal using safe procedures that will put an end to your asbestos problems.

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