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Do you know the indoor air quality in your environment?

Poor indoor air quality can cause serious health problems, including headaches, asthma, and other respiratory problems. The quality of the air we breathe can be impaired by a variety of pollutants, both biological and chemical.

Biological contaminants: These are microorganisms such as mould (fungi), bacteria and mites, which can be inhaled and wind up in the lungs.

Chemical contaminants: These are gases and particles released into the air by combustion devices. Chemical pollutants include carbon monoxide, some kinds of insulation, tobacco smoke, cleaning products and certain types of construction materials that contain asbestos.

Monitoring the quality of the air in your environment is essential. To do that, you need a thorough analysis of indoor air quality.

At BioVac, we are experts in indoor air quality testing.

At BioVac System Inc., our expert air quality consultants analyze all aspects of indoor air quality in your environment using various tests. Our indoor air quality (IAQ) services include a general assessment of the building and environmental monitoring for airborne contaminants such as mould, allergens, bioaerosols, total particulate matter (like asbestos), volatile organic compounds (VOC), and other chemical contaminants.

The instruments and equipment we use are at the leading edge of technology and allow us to perform advanced indoor air quality tests (measure VOC – volatile organic compounds).

Our expert air quality testing involves several assessments and includes the following steps:

  • Inspection with high performance equipment; Identification of the weaknesses in the building’s barrier.
  • Air sampling
  • Laboratory testing
  • Reporting

Once our analysis of the indoor air quality is completed we provide you with a report that covers:

  • Sources on contamination
  • Microbiology results and analysis
  • Recommendations; Design of protocols for air purification and handling of contaminated materials.

If you have indoor air pollution, BioVac System Inc. has solutions

If analysis of the quality of your indoor air detects indoor air pollution, we present the appropriate solutions. We propose a plan of action to improve the indoor air quality (air quality monitoring, air purification, etc.).

At BioVac System, we are committed to monitoring, analysis and prevention in the field of indoor air quality. Whether you use our services for a residential, commercial, industrial or institutional building, you can count on the expertise of our specialists to resolve your indoor air pollution problems.

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