Coronavirus(COVID-19):BVS-Bioclean is your safe solution to disinfect surfaces(DIN: 02314843)

A new disease COVID-19 has recently appeared around the world. The latter is caused by a virus belonging to the Coronavirus family; SARS-CoV-2.

This virus is spreading worldwide and is affecting of people with weak immunosystem.

Other strains belonging to the Coronavirus family have been shown to be sensitive to certain disinfectants with virucidal action.

Among the various recommendations of the competent authorities including the CDC (Centers for disease Control & prevention) to limit the spread of this virus; cleaning and disinfection of surfaces. For this, we offer BVS-Bioclean which is a disinfectant with a neutral PH.

Several studies have been carried out on the effectiveness of BVS-Bioclean. These have proven effective in disinfecting surfaces contaminated with vegetative bacteria including c. difficult and norvirus. Indeed, after application of BVS-Bioclean and dry cleaning, studies have shown much better elimination of the virus and prevention of its transfer.

BVS-Bioclean, the main active agent of which is sodium hypochlorite, is known for its virucidal action. We recommend a contact time of 10 minutes, before dry wiping.

Our product has a DIN granted by Health Canada.